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This is the home of pyFLTK - Python wrapper for the Fast Light Tool Kit cross-platform graphical user-interface library. We're using SWIG to create the Python wrapper. Perl support has been discontinued for the time being. TCL, Guile, and Java support should not be that hard to add (this is left as an exercise for the reader).
There are two packages in this project: pyFLTK and pyFLTK2. They wrap FLTK (version 1.3) and FLTK2, respectively. While FLTK and with it pyFLTK is quite stable, FLTK2 is now abandoned and is no longer supported. A utility named flconvert is also provided that allows for the conversion of fluid files to Python code, however, this is also not actively supported anymore.

Latest News:

pyFltk is now available, both for Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 (see Downloads).


Goals of the Project:

Main Features:


Status :

Most widgets have been wrapped, some still have some minor problems that need to be discovered and fixed. We've converted some of the programs in the test directory of the FLTK distribution to Python. The Python code generator reads some simple Fluid data and generates basic Python code. However, the converter has not been updated in a long time and I am not sure how much interest there really is.

More status information is here.


The major items left are:


Status :

Beta release supports fltk-2.0-r5940. This release should be reasonably complete, most widgets have been wrapped. Callbacks are implemented and appear to be working.


The major items left are:


Status :

A first alpha version has been released, working reasonably well with the latest versions of FLTK and pyFLTK. Note that at the moment pyFLTK only is supported. Support for pyFLTK2 is still an open issue.


Whatever does not work yet, including:


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Python: Andreas Held

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